Citibank – financial report #1
Part of a series of six monthly financial reports designed for Citibank. The series of reports represented a small number of AAA investment funds that had been created by Citibank. Each fund adopted a single colour to brand it. In this case their Beta fund, which was represented by blue. Another fund was represented by red and another
by green.

Each report would feature a subject or association with their allotted colour. And since Yves Klein’s blue (IKB) is perhaps the bluest blue of them all, it was an archetype for
the series.

Having read ‘The Primary Colors’ by Alexander Theroux and Derek Jarman’s ‘Chroma’ at the time, the ambition was to unpack the almost inexhaustible world of colour with the same breadth and richness, only visually.

Creative direction: Martin Brown, Brian Boylan and Anita Boyd
Design: Martin Brown
Agency: Wolff Olins

With thanks to Daniel Moquay at the Yves Klein Archive.