Aston Martin – colour guidelines
As part of the marque redesign, the brand colours were changed from British Racing Green and gold (print version at the time), to Aston Martin Racing Green and Aston Martin Gunmetal.

Both these colours were unique to Aston Martin and part of their rich heritage. In particular, their own highly distinctive metallic green. This was famously used for their race cars, the most iconic being the DBR1 that won Le Mans in 1959, but also the
DBR4 (1958-1963) and DBR5 (1963-1965) Aston Martin F1 cars.

For printed materials, specialist ink makers were commissioned to produce bespoke Aston Martin Racing Green and Aston Martin Gunmetal inks. (Neither colour could be matched accurately with Pantone).

Design: Martin Brown
Agency: Imagination