Aston Martin – Vantage Roadster campaign
Stills from teaser campaign for the launch of the Aston Martin V8 Vantage Roadster broadcast on their Instagram, YouTube and Twitter channels.

The stings build on the inspiration for the car design itself: that of being honed like a predator or hunter – deliberately provocative and yet pushing the boundaries of beauty.

The car was filmed in a studio to highlight different angles and features, but that’s where
the reality finishes.

From there on in, the Vantage Roadster is seen in an imaginary animalistic world, where
the car’s the hunter and we're the hunted. The CGI drew inspiration variously from studying animals such as wolves, pythons and sharks, from their behaviours, textures and movements, and from the environments they prey in.

With the rare aura the brand inspires, they’re unashamedly abstract, since they aim to evoke feeling rather than describe reality.

Agency: Superunion, in collaboration with Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd, Prism, Mainframe,
and Malcolm Goldie Sound.

Superunion: Martin Brown (Creative Director), Mairi Murdoch (Account Director)
Aston Martin: Gerhard Fourie (Director of Marketing and Brand Strategy),
Miles Nurnberger (Director of Design), Lottie Boyce (Global Content Executive)
Prism: Laura Garriga (Art Director), Cesar Garcia (Content Director),
Issy Rawson (Account Manager)
Mainframe: Lee Walker (CGI Creative Director), Philip Archer (CGI Producer)
Malcolm Goldie Sound: Malcolm Goldie